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42 second street cast


Hairspray - Extracts from Radio Leeds review - 19th March 2015

The first night performance of Hairspray, the latest production from this talented Society, received a standing ovation. Vibrant, colourful, superb choreography and detailed direction from Louise Denison gave the show such energy, which from an audience point of view was completely overwhelming. The orchestra of 9 were brilliant, with Jim Lunt again the Musical Director. The music is tuneful, catchy and lively, and in the 60’s style with ‘rhythm and blues’ and ‘spiritual’ and very enjoyable. Costumes were bright, colourful and looked good.

Andrew Edwards & Clancy Walker

Cats by LAOS at Leeds Grand Theatre - 17th April 2018

Cats is definitely one of the largest ensemble shows I have seen LAOS put on, and when managing such a large cast the director might be forgiven for not holding every single actor to a perfect standard, but every member was so synchronised and their movement flowed so effortlessly I thought I must be watching something by Northern Ballet. The variety of movement was refreshing, I watched with wonder all the backward somersaults and fouettés and also laughed aloud at the comedy of the tap-dancing cockroaches and mice/kittens.

Lauren Fordham

West Side Story - 24th April 2019

I reflected, on my way home, that the Grand Theatre present all the major touring professional musicals throughout the year. LAOS should be truly proud to stand alongside these ‘giants’ and produce a professional musical themselves, which is no mean feat – with just one technical and one dress rehearsal, this is a mammoth task indeed and I congratulate this remarkable society for a tremendous evening’s entertainment.

Christine Castle