If you have specific questions regarding Les Miserables – Let The People Sing, please view our production FAQs here.


1. Is there a membership fee?

The current cost of becoming a member of LAOS is £50 for the year. There is an additional show fee for those who appear on stage which will be required once your position in a production is confirmed. (subject to change).

2. How many productions do you produce a year?

We work on one major production every year.

3. How do I apply to become a member?

We are no longer accepting applications for Les Miserables – Let The People Sing.

To join the society all prospective on stage members have to complete an audition.

Auditions are held on an individual basis and are specifically for a show, not just generally to join the society. You will be required to sing solo and perform some basic movement. The exception to this would be if a show required a specific skills e.g. tap dancing whereby the workshop would be tailored to the production.

4. How do I find out about auditions?

Please view the ‘Les Miserables Auditions’ menu at the top of the page for audition information.

5. Is LAOS a charity?

LAOS is a charity and we support many organisations throughout the West Yorkshire region as well as providing coaching and sponsorship for development of the arts. Some of our recent projects include supporting cast members through NODA theatrical training, appearing at St Gemma’s Hospice Garden Party and providing performing arts coaching to a local high school, David Young Community Academy. The charities we have recently supported include Yorkshire Air Ambulance, St Gemma’s Hospice, NSPCC and Martin’s House and St. Giles Trust.

6. What other roles apart from performer are available at LAOS?

We also have backstage roles with the stage crew, costumes, hair and makeup available. You will gain a wealth of experience, learn new skills and most importantly enjoy yourself. If you are interested in these roles, please email marketing.manager@thelaos.org and attach a CV.

7. Can I advertise with LAOS?

We have opportunities to advertise in our production programme. Please click here for more details.